CPU RAM (GB) OS Compiler Restrictions Notes
pyrite.cs.iastate.edu Quad Xeon E5640 @2.67 GHz 12 Fedora 17 64-bit gcc:4.7.2
java: 1.7.0_45
CPU time: 30 min
process mem: 4GB
Good for light weight tasks.
Use ssh to connect.
ren.cs.iastate.edu Quad Xeon E5640 @2.67 GHz 8 Fedora 13 64-bit gcc:4.4.5
java: 1.7.0_45
No resource restrictions For faculty/staff/course accounts only.
pyrite32.cs.iastate.edu Quad Xeon E5640 @2.67 GHz 4 RHEL 4.9 32-bit X86 gcc:3.4.6
java: 1.6.0_16
CPU time: unlimited
process mem: 3GB
32-bit platform for backward-comaptibility.
popeye.cs.iastate.edu Quad core @2.7GHz 8 RHEL* 6.5, 64-bit gcc: 4.4.7
java: 1.7.0_45
CPU time: 12 hrs
process mem: 6GB
Two nodes, popype-n1.cs.iastate.edu and popeye-n2.cs.iastate.edu, can be accessed directly. Good for client/server programming.
cstc.cs.iastate.edu Quad Xeon E5640 @2.67 GHz 12 Windows 2008 R2 Server Visual Studio 2010
COMS users only 3-node cluster in COMS domain, use remote desktop to connect.
csts.cs.iastate.edu Quad Xeon E5640 @2.67 GHz 8 Windows 2008 R2 Server Visual Studio 2010
For Com S 103 students 3-node cluster in IASTATE domain, use remote desktop to connect.
saturn.cs.iastate.edu 8 core @2.93GHz 24 OS X 10.8.2 gcc/llvm: 4.2.1
java: 1.7.0_10
MATLAB: 2013b
1 Matlab license. First come, first serve. Intel platform, not PowerPC.
durango.cs.iastate.edu 72 core @700MHz 12 x 8 Gentoo, MIPS64 gcc: 4.1.2
pathScale: 3.2
2 nodes are available by default. More nodes are available upon request.
12-node Sicortex cluster.
From head node durango, “ssh sca-m0nX” (X: 0-7, 9-11) to other nodes in the cluster. See instructions and programming guide.
excelsior.cs.iastate.edu 8-node, 64-core 192 ROCKS gcc:4.1.2
java: 1.7.0_03

*RHEL: Redhat Enterprise Linux

Quick FAQ

How do I connect to a Linux/Mac server?

SSH from *NIX, or putty from Windows.

How to connect to a Windows server?

Remote Desktop Connection (mstsc.exe) from Windows, rdesktop from Linux, or Remote Desktop from Mac.

How do I check the CPU and Memory limits on a machine?

For UNIX machines, you can run ulimit –a at the terminal. See this page for more information.

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