The computing facilities at Computer Science span two different buildings:

We have server rooms and computer labs in both buildings.

Building Access

Computer Science and Software Engineering majors have the opportunity to access the Pearson Labs outside of regular hours using their HID or ISU cards. Request your building access from 0125 Pearson Hall.

Students who need to access the research labs in Atanasoff Hall can request building access through their academic advisors.

Collaboration Space

The Department of Computer Science has several rooms for use by groups.

In Pearson Hall, rooms 0102 and 0112 are both group collaboration spaces. You can get the key to those rooms from the SSG office in 0125 Pearson Hall. Both rooms are equipped with computers, round tables, and large LCD screens for presentation and group meeting.

In Atanasoff Hall, there are several conference rooms available to use for group collaboration. Atanasoff 105 is a small conference room (with projectors) that can be reserved for group collaboration. On the second floor, Atanasoff 216, 217, and 223 are all available for meetings, though 216 and 223 are most often used by faculty. All rooms (except for 216) must be reserved for use in the main office in Atanasoff 226.

Room schedules can be checked online. Please note that Pearson 0112 is not reservable. If you want to book other rooms, please email Reservation Admins.

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