Frequently Asked Questions

Occasionally, we receive questions that get asked so many times, we usually write the answer down for you. Here are a few of those questions.

How do I set up my personal webpage?

See the Account Web Pages section of this FAQ.

Where can I get my password reset?

Password resets for the general computing populace are handled in 0125 Pearson Hall. Faculty, Staff, and Graduate students can come to Atanasoff 131. Don’t forget to bring a Photo ID.

How do I set up an Atanasoff printer on my computer?

See the Printers and Printing section of this FAQ.

How can I access my files from off campus?

When connecting from off campus, you may need to first set up a VPN connection to gain access to some remote machines or protocols. Please check the VPN and Remote Access sections for more information.

How can I be removed from a mailing list?

See the Mailing Lists section of this document.

Why does it take so long to log into the IASTATE domain?

Iowa State University uses a “roaming profile” on all computers in the IASTATE domain. This means that no matter which lab computer to which you log in, your documents will be waiting for you.

However, this means that any time you log into a computer, your entire profile must be downloaded. If you have large files on the Desktop, or in the My Documents folder, this can take quite a long time. Also, the amount of people that are logging into the server can have an effect on this time as well.

The best way to keep this from happening is to not put too much information into your IASTATE profile. A few word documents won't cause too much trouble, but lots of pictures and music may.

A better idea is to store all necessary files into your network drive, not the My Documents folder or the Desktop. This way, you can keep access to your files while keeping them out of your profile.

Why does Eclipse take so long to load on the Lab machines?

Since Eclipse is on the lab computers, SSG has to include Eclipse packages for everyone in the installation. This means that a student taking a 200-level course or one taking a 500-level course can use this software and have everything they need to finish their assignments.

This also means that we must include a LOT of packages in the installation. Since Eclipse and its plugins, are written in the Java language, this can sometimes take quite a while to load.

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